Lviv Theological Academy

From 1928-1929, on the personal initiative of the Metropolitan, the Lviv Theological Academy began its activity. During the interwar period, Lviv Theological Academy was the only Ukrainian higher education institution, and it boasted two faculties - theological and philosophical.

Metropolitan Sheptytsky personally took an active part in the leadership of the Lviv Theological Academy. His name headed the list of academic professors, and from time to time, he conducted separate courses or lectures for students of the Academy. He also personally met with graduates, especially those who received priestly ordinations.

In 1929, 1937 and 1942, he appealed to the Congregation for the Eastern Church to grant the theological faculty of the Academy the right to confer academic degrees. However, each time, he received a polite refusal.
Metropolitan Sheptytsky considered existence and successful work of the theological higher educational institution as an important part of his reformation efforts. He also wished for a gradual transformation of the academy into a Catholic university, which would also become a higher educational establishment for secular academic disciplines.