About Mercy (June 1942)

In this pastoral message, the Metropolitan wrote about the help of prisoners of war, first of all the Soviet prisoners of war, who were killed and kept in inhuman conditions: "A merciful deed against a patient captive ..."

Sheptytsky also wrote about giving love and help to one’s neighbour, whomever he might be, notwithstanding what kind of nation or religion would he represent:
"Love of the neighbour and love of God is one virtue ... We love God in our neighbours, we love them for God's sake." "And the highest degree of love - to give life for a loved one ... we must also try to love with accomplished love neighbours. ....There are circumstances in which that duty must be filled in full, literal sense. "
" Every neighbour is a brother, a member of a human family that has grown from the family of the first man".
"Keep the life and the good of your neighbour in the name of the Christian love for the neighbour and Christian civilization, in the name of that Christian social system that we would like to see once in our independent, united Ukrainian state.”