Metropolitan's call for help

The Metropolitan’s pastoral, "Mercy" and "Do not kill!" are related to the events of the Holocaust. Both messages were written by the Metropolitan under the influence of tragic events in the Lviv ghetto. Both texts do not mention Jews because it was impossible due to the censorship of the Metropolitan's messages by the Nazi authorities.

However, the appeals of the Metropolitan for love of and self-sacrifice for one's neighbour, who he viewed as a descendant of the first man, Adam.
In fact, the Metropolitan in the pastoral “Mercy" openly declared the falsity and criminal nature of the racial theory of Nazism, urging his faithful to acknowledge the unity of all mankind and the equality and value of each member of the human community.

The pastoral message "Do not kill!" proclaimed killing human beings for the sake of state or party interests or for ideological reasons to be a crime. Thus, Sheptytsky is one of the Catholic bishops who publicly decried and called felonies such actions of Nazi regime as murder and persecution on racial, political considerations or euthanasia.