O. Novakivsky and his School

A particular place in the philanthropic history of Sheptytsky is occupied by Oleksa Novakivsky. A deep personal relationship developed between the Metropolitan and O. Novakivsky and notably influenced the painter.

Throughout his life, Novakivsky considered the Metropolitan to be a devoted patron, a person who could understand his complex creative nature and appreciated his artistic achievements. After the death of the artist on February 23, 1937, the court recognized the Metropolitan as a guardian of the artist’s juvenile sons - Yaroslav and Zhdan Novakivsky.
The exceptional personality and majestic appearance of A. Sheptytsky induced the artist to portray the Metropolitan repeatedly: there are 18 paintings and over 200 sketches and drawings.
Novakivsky considered the portraiture of the Metropolitan to be not only a great creative challenge but also a matter of historical significance.
After the First World War, Sheptytsky provided basic assistance in the creation of the Novakivsky Art School.
In 1925, he happily agreed to fund the school and suggested himself as a teacher of the History of Art at this school.