Artists supported by Sheptytsky

After the First World War, the Metropolitan provided support to Ukrainian artists who came to Lviv, fleeing from the Bolshevik authorities. The main representatives of this wave were P. Kovzhun, P. Kholodny, R. Lisovsky, and M. Butovych. Sheptytsky provided material assistance to some of them.

During the years between the wars, the Metropolitan continued to encourage young artists to study abroad and, for those who were already established, to travel to Italy and France.

In the 1920s and 1930s, the pupils of the O. Novakivsky School, such as S. Gordinsky, V. Dyadinyuk, M. Moroz, S. Lutsyk, L. Kretz, and S. Zaritska, benefited from the "foreign scholarship" of Sheptytsky.
Among the younger generation of Ukrainian artists of the interwar period, the Metropolitan was most sympathetic to the work of V. Dyadinyuk and M. Moroz.
Among the young talents supported by the Metropolitan were non-Ukrainian people as well. Thus, Leopold Kretz (1907-1990), a well-known French sculptor of Jewish origin, received financial support and advice from A. Sheptytsky at the crucial moment of his life for his studies in Paris. Until the last days of his life, the sculptor considered Metropolitan Sheptytsky the earthly and heavenly patron of his life and art.