Supporting the Development of Ukrainian Schooling

School education required special financial assistance after implementation of the laws of Stanislav Grabsky in 1924, which aimed at gradually displacing Ukrainian-language schooling. Therefore, the Metropolitan provided material assistance to Ukrainian private schools. He purchased buildings for 4 Ukrainian schools, and the school named after Grinchenko functioned as the archeparchial premises.

Vocational and technical education became another educational issue considered by the Metropolitan. Studite monks opened and conducted several vocational schools. They opened their first vocational school in Zarvanytsia, on grounds purchased by the Metropolitan, in 1921. In Korshiv, the Metropolitan presented 18 morgens and 10,000 dollars to the organization "Silskyj Gospodar," for conducting a horticultural nursery. He also provided financial assistance to the trade school of the “Prosvita” Society.