Significant moments in the activity of the Museum

The National Museum was not only turned into the center of collecting the Old East Slavic iconographic heritage, but it also served as an important workshop of modern Ukrainian fine arts.

In 1929, the construction of a new wing of the museum began. These new premises were opened in 1935. Metropolitan Sheptytsky himself served as an example of sacrifice and transferred $25,000 (quite a sum at that time) for the building up of the museum. In 1935, on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the Metropolitan, a monument to A. Sheptytsky was opened in front of the museum building.
In 1931 the Union of Supporters of the National Museum was founded, and the head of this public organization was the Lviv Assistant Bishop I. Buchko. This organization also took care of funding the publication of the Chronicle of the National Museum.