The Press and Education

The Metropolitan’s field of interest was not limited to elitist forms of culture. Like no one else, Sheptytsky put much effort into enlightening and raising the educational and cultural level of his flock. Sheptytsky was aware of the significance and influence of the media, as well as of its prospective use for educating and developing ideological positions. The Metropolitan consistently financed or sponsored publications like "Meta," "Khrystos – Nasha Syla," "Literatura - Nauka – Mystetstvo," "Dzvony," "Nash Pryjatel, " "Moya Knyzhechka," the Lviv publishing houses “Svit Dytyny” and “Molodi Robitnyky,”and “Rusalka”. In 1927, the Metropolitan bought 33.3% of the shares of the publishing house "New Time" from I. Titov