Contemporaries’ estimation of the Metropolitan’s patronage

In 1935, M. Golubets accurately estimated his activity as a patron: "One could argue about the relevance and expediency of the individual philanthropic achievements of the Metropolitan... yet the very fact that Metropolitan Sheptytsky supported revived Ukrainian art at a time when the citizenry just started to become interested in art will always be a merit of this hierarchy.”

The AIUA exhibition at the National Museum in November-December of 1936 had the sub-title "Artists of Metropolitan Andrey," as well as a dedication to Metropolitan Sheptytsky "as a duty of gratitude to the generous patron of the entire Ukrainian artistic world."
The AIUA magazine “Na zustrich” noted the contribution of Metropolitan Sheptytsky to the formation of the artistic environment in Galicia: "Without his participation, it would hardly be possible to talk about any artistic revival in Galicia, and not only in Galicia ... Those who know what an appropriate artistic environment means for the development of art will understand.

And the fact that today's Ukrainian art can produce young artists approximately once every five years is to a large extent his merit, since he was the one who predicted the prospects of its development and literally began from nothing, from groups whom even their environment did not wish to understand."